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Mindfulness: Saying No, Saying Yes

This year, I have taken on a hell of a lot of extra work out of a misplaced sense of obligation.

Saying no to people has been one of my weaknesses for a while; I can be easily guilt tripped into almost anything. But it drains my energy and leaves me with a ton of shit I don’t want to do, or simply can’t dedicate time to.


Somewhat ironically it’s been saying no to certain experiences that has allowed me to say yes to so many others. You read so often about Saying yes, don’t you? But they never tell you about saying no! Well, when I decided to stop doing things out of obligation, I found myself freer and more willing to try new different things; to start saying yes. Not a passive well I guess so, but a proper YES! I would love to do that!
And luckily, as I’ve opened myself up to opportunities, more have come my way. I found a new ways to earn a living that are far more in keeping with my interests, and exciting things are happening.
I’m certainly not one of those who believes in fate, or “the universe having a plan”- that’s a whole other issue, entirely to do with privilege, and I could go on about it for hours. However. What I do believe is that hard work can pay off. I’m taking opportunities with an enthusiastic YES and making the most of them. I’m working incredibly hard on what feels like a million different things, but I’m loving every minute of it.

So I guess my message is, say YES and good things will happen. Take life by the balls- own it. No-one else is going to do it for you! (Too corny?)

Lots of love

8 thoughts on “Mindfulness: Saying No, Saying Yes”

  1. This is a constant work in progress for me – saying no. I made it my New Year’s Resolution two years ago and I still work on it every single day. But saying no has resulted in a much happier, positive life with healthier relationships! I don’t flake on people because if I say yes to something, I truly have time to take it on. Mostly. Sometimes I overwhelm myself but then I just re evaluate and try to regroup! By saying no, I enjoy the things I say “yes” to so much more!

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