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What happened to September?

I was about to say that I didn’t really have a lot to report from September, but in fact the opposite is true. So many exciting things have happened this month, I just haven’t really been telling people- my weird fear of jinxing things has been getting in the way! So here is an update from this month 😀

I’m leaving my current job: This was a step I debated for months before deciding to take the plunge. However, exciting things are happening and I can’t wait! More info to come for anyone who cares, but it involves my love of fitness and is a really perfect match!
I stopped tracking my food: I mentioned in my previous post that I became severely underweight this year, so I tracked macros (following IIFYM) in order to put on weight in a controlled manner. Once I stabilised my weight, however, I’ve transitioned to not tracking calories, because TBH it’s a complete ballache. I’m back to Intuitive Eating and whilst it’s difficult, it’s definitely worth it.
I won’t be running my goal half marathon: Sadly my injury hasn’t been getting any better, and my physio told me that under no circumstances should I run that 13.1 miles. It sucks. Nonetheless, I still plan to run a half before the end of year, I just don’t know which one yet.

I entered a marathon: Yeah… That doesn’t really make a lot of sense, does it?! Can’t do a half, might as well do a full? Well, all the London Marathon rejects from my Club decided to do Manchester Marathon together and I thought why the hell not. I wanted to do a Spring marathon, plus it’ll be great to train with a group of other (more experienced) runners for support and motivation. I’m really excited about the challenge!

I am actually enjoying swimming: Weird, I know. I’d sworn it off as basically a means to an end (keeping up my fitness whilst injured) but I’m actually loving it. I got to swim at the Olympic Competition Pool recently with some triathletes from my club, and it was a lot cooler than I expected. So cool.

I am determined to make #gainz: Having realised that muscle imbalance (a wonky bum) was a real contributing factor to my injury, I decided to hit that gym and (finally) make some strength gains. I follow tons of powerlifters and bodybuilders girls on Youtube and really love the idea of putting on a bit of mass. The reality is going to be tricky but I’m determined to not freak out when I see the scale go up. My goal is to make some serious gains before marathon training gets intense and my mileage gets high. Also, #eatingforgainz is so much fun.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 13.26.47

I’m really enjoying blogging: Not to be mushy, but I’ve met so many encouraging and supportive people through blogging and Twitter. It’s so motivating to have someone rooting for you, whether that’s something as simple as a Twitter follower checking whether you got up early to go swimming before work. It keeps me going!

What’s been your highlight from September? Any swimmers out there?

Lots of love

17 thoughts on “What happened to September?”

  1. Hey Pippa Its my LazyToFitness on Twitter, love your Blogs, I’m trying this out too, to try and give me motivation, but also to give people something funny to read when stuck on the bus or train and the Radio or their Playlist is rubbish 😉

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  2. i cant believe you just posted you are enjoying swimming! thats good though, dont let that injury keep you down!! I have had to focus on my lower back and core recently, my dr said those are really weak and are probably the cause for my hip pain and now my super horrible lower back pain. have you ever done an exercise that just really put into perspective how weak you are…yeah thats core class lol. 60 year olds are doing better than me!

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  3. I was a high school swimmer and often use that as a GREAT form of cross training. You can go hard in the pool every single day and won’t get hurt. You may get fatigued and sore, but not hurt. It’s fabulous. I’ve trained for several full marathons with an injury just by swimming and aqua jogging! You will see huge gains from it!

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  4. Congrats on the career jump, looking forward to hearing about it!!! My particular freelance lifestyle is currently under threat from the price of oil – more to come later as this is bound to have an impact on where in the world I will be running for the next 6 months.

    Sad face on the HM front, but colon-cap-D on the marathon plan, hopefully you will be injury free for the beginning of the spring marathon training season in Jan.

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    1. Thanks, it took a long time for me to make a decision (so long that all my friends were basically sick of me going on about it!) but I’m glad, I think i’ve done the right thing. I’m gonna focus on new freelance stuff for the moment, but there’s always the option of going back into employment 😀

      I’m terrified of freelance tho, how do you keep yourself motivated??

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      1. I remind myself that when I turn up to work, I am there because I want to be, not because the convention of ‘salaried employment’ dictates that I need to be. Plus one, within reason, can do whatever (job wise) one wants – want to try something new, you can, want to do that AND what you have always done – you can. Want to… not work for 3 months – you can.

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  5. Hi Pippa, well done on entering the Manchester Marathon! And almost a relief (though I do feel your pain) with the wonky bottom scenario! Have you been given some exercises and things to do? I’ve been given a few including the ‘Johnny Wilkinson Walk’ which is supposed to strengthen your hips for running! Glad the swimming is helping and is enjoyable 🙂 Don’t know about you, but trying to get your mind around not running is really tricky?!

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  6. I have that same weird fear about jinxing stuff! Lol! Sounds like a lot has been going on for you though! Very cool that you’re loving swimming, I am not a great swimmer at all but it’s awesome exercise. The highlight of September for me was definitely my birthday! 🙂 can’t wait to hear more about your new job!

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  7. You know that I am loving that you are loving swimming. Sadly, life has been a bit hectic for me and I have not been to the pool in ages. In terms of strengthening and working on imbalances, I find plyo and hiit training also very beneficial. That might be a little too intense right now as your focus on recovery but definitely think about adding in down the road. The exercise engage the whole body and I find I am overall better “balanced” in terms of strength, core etc. that injuries I was prone to before are all but disappearing. Congrats on the new job and best of luck!!

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