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5 ways I’m living sustainably

In my last post, I mentioned that one of my goals for 2019 was to live a more sustainable, less purchase-driven lifestyle. I have become a lot more aware of the environmental impact of my decisions over the last year, with #zerowaste and vegan living becoming more well-known. Since I know there are a lot… Continue reading 5 ways I’m living sustainably

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Mindfulness: Podcast of the Month

I go through phases with the things I listen to, but right now I’m definitely appreciating podcasts as a genre. Do you ever think how cool it is to be able to browse a worldwide library of content, and download it at the click of a button? Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity… Continue reading Mindfulness: Podcast of the Month

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What happened to December?

This past week I took a well-deserved and much-needed break from pretty much everything- blogging included. My bad! But I spent a week run-exploring the countryside surrounding my parents’ house, eating lovely food and most importantly, snuggling with my dog. Batteries are recharged, and I’m ready for the year ahead.   If I’m being completely… Continue reading What happened to December?

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My First Time: Pacing

As I mentioned in my most recent rundown, I recently paced a fellow runner. Whilst I’d been wanting to try pacing for a while, my reasons behind doing so this particular weekend weren’t entirely selfless. I wanted to run myself, but my injury definitely wouldn’t allow me to race (I could almost hear my physio’s… Continue reading My First Time: Pacing

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Mindfulness: Podcast of the month

Recently I've been falling back in love with the podcast, so I thought I'd start sharing them with you. This really combines my two great passions, the reasons I began this blog; fitness and mindfulness. I listen to podcasts on train journeys or long runs, and I'm amazed at how inspired they make me. They give… Continue reading Mindfulness: Podcast of the month