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The Backpacker Chronicles – Week 9 – Volcanoes and Overcoming Fear

Well hello there! I´m so excited to share with you the ninth week of my adventures in healthy backpacking, so let´s just jump on in!

What I’ve been up to

I finished up my week in the north of Nicaragua with a visit around the islands in Lake Nicaragua, before heading south-ish to Ometepe, a volcanic island in the middle of the very same lake. I spent a day pootling around the island on a bike before setting down at a water hole called Ojo de Agua.

The next day, I undertook my third volcano hike of the trip, this time up Maderas, one of the volcanos that formed the island millenia ago. The hike itself was a tough 8 hours in either the blistering heat or the humidityoftherainforest, but reaching the top made it absolutely worth it. We even got to go have lunch by the crater lake.

Then the following day, my friends and I made our way south to San Juan del Sur,a surf town close to the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border. There, I took my first few surf lessons,which whilst challenging,were an overall success! Surfing is something I´ve wanted to do since I was tiny, and to have finally had the opportunity and the bravery to give it ago has been amazing. I was able to stand on my board within my first lesson, and managed to catch waves by myself at the end of my second day! It’s been a huge challenge for me to allow myself to be completely vulnerable – and frankly a bit shit – but trying new things is part of why I’m taking this trip in the first place!

That’s me!

Workouts and Fitness

I´ve been largely sticking to my resolution to do a formal workout every other day, or roughly 3 times per week. Obviously backpacker life is largely unpredictable, and so sometimes it’s been more,sometimes less. This week looked like the following:

– Sunday: Rest

– Sunday: 40 mins HiiT

– Monday: 2 hours cycle round the island

– Tuesday: 8hr volcanohike

– Wednesday: Rest

– Thursday: 3 mile run, 2 hrs surf

– Friday: 4 mile run, 3 hrs surf

– Saturday: 3 mile run

– Sunday: 3 mile run, 2 hrs surf

I have to say this has been one of the most active weeks of my trip so far, but Im fully aware that it wont always be like this, so I’m just trying to take it as it comes.

Food and Nutrition

I spent this past week travelling with two or three people, and so appointed myself group chef to cook us delicious veggie meals to refuel after a long day! There’s obviously an economy of scale when cooking for a group, which means I´ve been able to incorporate much more fresh veg and healthy goodies into my diet. Always a win!

What have you been up to this week? What’s that one experience you´ve always dreamt of trying out?

2 thoughts on “The Backpacker Chronicles – Week 9 – Volcanoes and Overcoming Fear”

  1. I’ve tried surfing once, but did not have the same success as you! But it was just me trying to stand on the board without instruction, so that would have helped. Your journey looks great this week! Good job on keeping up with the workouts too.


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