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Monday Motivation: The Greatest

This week's Monday Motivation isn't specific to running, but it's helped inspire me in the past few days when I've been feeling low. This song came up on my Spotify when I was feeling particularly low about my calf injury- a bit like I'd never recover. It was one of those perfect moments when a… Continue reading Monday Motivation: The Greatest

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Mindfulness: Running on Om

My recent love affair with the podcast as a genre is showing no signs of stopping, and I have a new addition to the family- Running On Om. Running On Om is produced and hosted by Julia Hanlon, a yogi, runner and all-round wonderful woman. She hosts long-form interviews with "wellness pioneers from running, yoga,… Continue reading Mindfulness: Running on Om

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Podcast of the Month: Running Commentary

I recently discovered a brand new podcast to listen to on my run and, most importantly, my morning commute. Running Commentary is a really simple concept- stand-up comics Rob Deering and Paul Tonkinson record the conversations they have on their runs around London. These conversations include: life, comedy, and running. But mainly running.    … Continue reading Podcast of the Month: Running Commentary

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Mindfulness: My Training Principles

Last night, feeling particularly inspired after a yoga class, nourishing dinner and catch-up with a friend, I found myself with some time to properly reflect on some principles I want to train by in the next few months. With quite a busy schedule of races and training ahead, I want to be careful to avoid… Continue reading Mindfulness: My Training Principles

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Mindfulness: Podcast of the Month

The past few weeks' training have been quite intense, with hours at a time spent pounding the pavements of my beloved city. In a somewhat rogue move, I’ve chosen to do all my long runs (in fact, all my runs full stop) alone. A few reasons for this:   I’m lazy and flaky when it… Continue reading Mindfulness: Podcast of the Month