This Saturday: I am Team GB!

As the Olympics drew to a close last week, I personally shed a small tear. After all, the Olympics are the ultimate sporting event, and this year I’ve found myself obsessively checking social media, and rushing home to watch the coverage live. I find the Olympic Games immensely inspirational, and they always give me a… Continue reading This Saturday: I am Team GB!

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Woman Crush Wednesday: Paula Radcliffe

This week's Woman Crush Wednesday comes to you courtesy of the wonderful, the inimitable, the supreme: Paula Radcliffe. Even as a child, completely uninterested in athletics, Paula Radcliffe was always on my radar; regularly competing in (and winning) Olympic events, The London Marathon and The Great North Run.But I don't think it was until Paula retired from professional… Continue reading Woman Crush Wednesday: Paula Radcliffe

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The Rundown: Reykjavik Half Marathon

Warning: this is a long one. Feel free to skip ahead to the result 😉 This weekend just gone, I headed to Reykjavik, Iceland, for my first ever half marathon! Race Goals As always I had three goals when it came to this race: - Plan A: Finish under 2:00 - Plan B: Finish under 1:55… Continue reading The Rundown: Reykjavik Half Marathon


Three Olympians you should follow on Snapchat

In case you weren't aware, there are a multitude of Olympians on Snapchat, all offering an unedited, sneak-peak into their everyday lives.Olympians on Snapchat have been a revelation to me, and very often give me the oomph I need to get off my backside and run (or cycle, or plank, or stretch, the list goes on...) So… Continue reading Three Olympians you should follow on Snapchat

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Motivation Monday: Mo Farah

Between the Women's Olympic Marathon and Usain Bolt's 3rd consecutive gold medal, it's been a crazy inspirational weekend in Rio. One more sportsperson that 100% delivered this weekend was British national treasure Mo Farah, winning a 10,000m victory after a particularly interesting race that included a nasty fall. So this Motivation Monday is brought to… Continue reading Motivation Monday: Mo Farah