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Cross Training Focus: Another Space

I'm about to dive straight into the deep end of another training season, and my biggest priority is not to overtrain or get injured- that's my biggest takeaway from training in Spring- I did way too much, and ended up paying the price on race day. I was recently lucky enough to try out Another… Continue reading Cross Training Focus: Another Space

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Mindfulness: On rest days

I'm coming to really appreciate the importance of rest days. During my last training cycle, I had so many days when I was overtrained, undernourished and most importantly, absolutely knackered. It caused me some real problems both professionally and personally- a unique combination of grouchiness and inefficiency that only prolonged endurance training can bring. In… Continue reading Mindfulness: On rest days


Mindfulness: The Girl Code

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently helped out a girl I met on a night out. She'd been thrown from a car by a guy she knew, and was quite beaten up. When she came up to us asking for help, specifically to use my phone, I was cautious. I mean, this… Continue reading Mindfulness: The Girl Code


My Self Defence Panic

In the past few weeks, the universe has been telling me to take up arms. Or at least grow some guns. I'm mixing metaphors here. Let me explain. The other night I was out in London when a girl rushed up to my friends and I, yelling and crying in coherently. She had bloody knuckles and arms, and… Continue reading My Self Defence Panic