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The Backpacker Chronicles |Weeks 6 & 7

Hey there team, good to see you again! Time for an update on what I'm getting up to on my travels in Central America. In previous posts, I've been writing a week after the fact, just for security and safety. Nonetheless, I've decided that's too much hassle - so much can happen when you're travelling,… Continue reading The Backpacker Chronicles |Weeks 6 & 7

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Five Minute Review: North by Scott Jurek

I made it one of my 2019 goals to read more, averaging two books a month. I want to share these with you, bringing back my old Five Minute Reviews. Because frankly, who has time for long book reviews these days? The Premise Ultra runner Scott Jurek and badass wife and support Jenny Jurek chronicle… Continue reading Five Minute Review: North by Scott Jurek


Trying out Esquared PLUS Promo Code!

The lovely folks at Esquared approached me to try out the newest London-based fitness app - an opportunity that I snatched up right away! This is an honest review, and all opinions are my own - promise!  As most of my lovely readers will know, I'm a keen runner and all-round fitness enthusiast. I'm always… Continue reading Trying out Esquared PLUS Promo Code!


2016: A Final Recap

It's 2017. Yay! All I can say is, it's been a rollercoaster. It was a challenging year all round, what with a slew of current affairs nightmares and celebrity deaths. Nonetheless, it wasn't all bad- here's one final recap! January: January began with a slight lack of motivation that was swiftly and thankfully followed by  being given… Continue reading 2016: A Final Recap


The Crutch Chronicles: Christmas

Christmas was somewhat difficult this year. I love Christmas spent with my family, but at the same time it can be quite intense. Running is usually my way to cope- physically removing myself from potentially overwhelming situations and substituting them for fresh air and endorphins. Sadly this year that was not the case. Add to… Continue reading The Crutch Chronicles: Christmas