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The Backpacker Chronicles – Week 9 – Volcanoes and Overcoming Fear

Well hello there! I´m so excited to share with you the ninth week of my adventures in healthy backpacking, so let´s just jump on in! What I've been up to I finished up my week in the north of Nicaragua with a visit around the islands in Lake Nicaragua, before heading south-ish to Ometepe, a… Continue reading The Backpacker Chronicles – Week 9 – Volcanoes and Overcoming Fear

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Mindfulness: Practicing Bravery

Way back when I started this blog, one of my key focuses was mindfulness, and how to incorporate mindfulness into my everyday life, in spite of the stresses that came my way. Well, now I've decided to bring back the mindfulness series, with reflections, tips and techniques that I use now that I'm travelling. (Don't… Continue reading Mindfulness: Practicing Bravery

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Healthy Travels: Antigua Guatemala

As someone who tries to be fit and healthy, I always find myself Googling away the night before I reach a new destination, looking for gyms, yoga studios and vegan restaurants. So I thought I'd start pulling together lists of health and vegan-conscious places for other travellers to try. Just as a disclaimer, this post… Continue reading Healthy Travels: Antigua Guatemala

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The Backpacker Chronices – Week 5

What I've been up to  As you may have read last week, I was legit sick with a parasitic infection, which was rough to say the least. After moping around for about a week, feeling sorry for myself and waiting for the sickness to pass on its own, I finally called it, and went to… Continue reading The Backpacker Chronices – Week 5

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The Backpacker Chronicles – Week 3

Hey team! Thanks so much for all the love on my last post. I'll definitely share some of my top tips for Bacalar, as well as a sunburn update. Anyhow let's jump on into my third week of backpacking round Central America. I started off the week I'm San Ignacio, a lovely Belizian border town… Continue reading The Backpacker Chronicles – Week 3