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Running and Racing

Whilst I love to run for fun, I also absolutely love racing, especially when it’s with my City Athletics crew. There’s something so fun about having a road trip to a random location, racing your heart out, and then going to the pub afterwards. So without further ado, here are my race plans for the… Continue reading Running and Racing

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Mindfulness: On rest days

I'm coming to really appreciate the importance of rest days. During my last training cycle, I had so many days when I was overtrained, undernourished and most importantly, absolutely knackered. It caused me some real problems both professionally and personally- a unique combination of grouchiness and inefficiency that only prolonged endurance training can bring. In… Continue reading Mindfulness: On rest days

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My First: City Cycling Experience

About a month ago I bought my gorgeous new bike, and in doing so became a London Cyclist. This is never a title I wanted if I'm being completely honest; cycling in London always seemed far too dangerous, stressful and frankly life-endangering for me. But nonetheless, once I'd bought the bike, I thought why not. It… Continue reading My First: City Cycling Experience

My Firsts

My First: Bike

Ok, if we're being completely honest here, this isn't my first bike per se. I've owned bikes since I was a small child, right up until I moved to Cambridge, when having a bike was a sheer necessity. Nonetheless, this is my first proper bike. It's the first one I've parted with more than £50 for. And more importantly,… Continue reading My First: Bike