The Rundown: Rockingham 10

Every time I race, I like to keep a log of what went on, and what I could have improved. It’s my best method to ensure I can be better every time. I like to avoid the term Race Report because 1. This is more for me; and 2. I’m not sure anyone could learn… Continue reading The Rundown: Rockingham 10

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The Single Most Annoying Thing About Running…

Is the Hunger. Not just regular hunger. But that kind of hunger when you're full, definitely not thirsty, and yet still bloody hungry?! I mean, come on. To give you some context to this frustration: I developed a really unhealthy relationship with food during the first half of 2015. Whilst I don't really want to go into the… Continue reading The Single Most Annoying Thing About Running…

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This Girl Eats: Muscle Mousse

For the past year I've been an advocate of a high-protein diet, for muscle growth and maintenance. I follow a ton of bodybuilders and powerlifters on Instagram and Youtube, and always got jealous of their delicious-looking protein noms. So when Muscle Mousse asked if I'd give their product a go, I jumped at the opportunity. Not… Continue reading This Girl Eats: Muscle Mousse