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My First Time: Pacing

As I mentioned in my most recent rundown, I recently paced a fellow runner. Whilst I’d been wanting to try pacing for a while, my reasons behind doing so this particular weekend weren’t entirely selfless. I wanted to run myself, but my injury definitely wouldn’t allow me to race (I could almost hear my physio’s… Continue reading My First Time: Pacing

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My First: Bike

Ok, if we're being completely honest here, this isn't my first bike per se. I've owned bikes since I was a small child, right up until I moved to Cambridge, when having a bike was a sheer necessity. Nonetheless, this is my first proper bike. It's the first one I've parted with more than £50 for. And more importantly,… Continue reading My First: Bike

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My First: Serious Injury Stint

Now that i'm back running again, I think it's more than due time to bring back the My First Time series, in which I embrace my noob status and share what I've learnt on my running journey. I took a break from the series due to an injury stint; as this was my very first,… Continue reading My First: Serious Injury Stint

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My First Time: Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga has always intrigued me. I have several friends who practice it on a regular basis, and swear by it for a good sweat. I also knew it would help with flexibility and strength, both of which are vital for active runners. What initially put me off was the price. Most yoga studios nearby… Continue reading My First Time: Hot Yoga

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My First Time: Swim Training

The whole idea of swimming as exercise never appealed to me. I love being in the water, especially the sea, but I never fancied the idea of Swimming as Exercise. You have to get wet and cold; you risk picking up a virus, you have to be half naked in front of a load of strangers, and… Continue reading My First Time: Swim Training