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The Backpacker Chronicles – Week 4

This weeks itinerary was thankfully a little more restful than previous weeks, going simply from Flores –> Semuc Champey –> Antigua.

What I’ve been up to

I spent two full days of the week travelling on busses – firstly on Monday from Flores to Semuc Champey, and then on Friday from Semuc Champey to Antigua. I spent about 4 days in Semuc Champey, a place of absolutely stunning natural beauty in Guatemala. Arriving in Semuc Champey however, I was slightly ill with a stomach bug, and so spent a day resting, just hanging out in the hostel and catching up on YouTube and my favourite blogs.

Thankfully I recuperated quickly, and was able to go to the National Park twice over the next two days. Its absolutely breathtaking, with a river and set of natural pools carved out of the sandstone rocks over thousands of years. You hike up through the rainforest to a viewpoint, before descending and cooling off in the natural pools and waterfalls. Words (and photos) simply cannot capture how beautiful this place is.

After two full days in Semuc Champey, I took a bus to Antigua, the old capital of Guatemala, and immediately felt at home. Sadly however after a few days of feeling better, the stomach bug struck again, and so I spent most of the week taking it super easy, going to nice coffee places, lounging in a hammock, and watching TV. Not the most exciting of weeks spent travelling, but sorely needed nonetheless!

Antigua in all its glory

Health and Fitness

In terms of exercise and fitness, it’s been a tricky one this week. I was intermittently sick most of the eek, so spent most of my time focused on listening to my body and giving it what it needed. I did several short hikes in Semuc Champey, as well as a nice 10k run on arrival in Antigua. Aside from that, I found two local yoga studios and managed to take advantage of some gentle classes, including yin and a gentle vinyasa class.

This was the view from my run. Can you believe?


Again, listening to my body has been the key this week, although I have to admit that it’s hard to know what your body wants when everything makes you feel sick! I kept my carb and vitamin intake high in order to help me recover, and mostly stuck to simple foods like bread, peanut butter and banana ‘quesadillas’. Once I’m over this bug, I’ll be able to focus much more on nutrition, which I’m so so excited for. Antigua has a plethora of gorgeous vegan restaurants and I cant wait to try them out!

What’s your week looked like? How do you take care of your body when you’re sick?

Lots of love


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