The Backpacker Chronicles Week 2

Well hello there! Firstly, thanks for all the lovely comments on last weeks post, they were really appreciated. Now, time to jump into this weeks adventures, which include kayaking, second degree sunburn and most importantly, iguanas!

I started my second week in Bacalar, a gorgeous town at the edge of a seven coloured lagoon. No joke, one of the most beautiful places I have been in my life. I went on a boat tour of the lagoon, which included several cenotes and a pirates cove.

Following the success of my first week, I quickly settled into a routine of early morning yoga before breakfast. I would wake up at 6.30, drag my butt out of bed and spent about an hour meditating and practicing yoga. I absolutely loved these sessions as they gave me a chance to calm my mind and move my body before the day had even begun.

I also went for a run almost every day I was in Bacalar, following the Main Street along the lagoon, stopping periodically to take pictures and admire the view. On one particularly cold and overcast day, I went out running at 1pm – this turned out to be a big mistake. As I reached the halfway point of my run, the clouds parted and I was left to run the 2 miles back in the baking heat of the afternoon! I quickly replenished my electrolyte stores, before reminding myself to stick to early morning or late evening runs.

I also managed to make the most of the lagoon – going on two particularly choppy swims, and then taking a kayaking trip with some new found friends. Unfortunately for me, we actually managed to get lost on our kayaking trip, circling through the labyrinth mangroves in the midday heat. My sunscreen was no match for the Caribbean sun, and I managed to sustain second degree burns on my legs, which caused me a lot of pain, and put me out of action for the rest of the week. I’ll spare you the pictures as they are pretty horrific, but needless to say I’ve learned my lesson and will be staying out of the sun for a while!

On Thursday it was time to move on, getting the water taxi from Chetumal to Belize. It was a particularly stressful journey – firstly we were delayed by an hour as there were some issues with the engine that needed to be resolved before we could get going. Then halfway through the journey and in open water, the engine stopped and stalled – TWICE. Each time, an alarm sounded and a member ofthe crew went off to inspect and fix it. As a very anxious person, this was my worst nightmare. All I could do was sit, breathe,and remain calm. I kept saying to myself just hold your nerve a little bit longer, and thankfully was able to narrowly avoid a panic attack. After about 20 minutes of rocking side to side in the waves, the engine thankfully roared back to life, and we made it to Belize in one piece!

The beautiful Caye Caulker in Belize

Thanks to my severe sunburn, all diving and beach plans had to be called off, and so instead I spent my time exploring the island on foot, chilling in the shade, and watching TV on my iPad. I eventually went inland to a town called San Ignacio, which is famed for its cave dives and waterfalls. Unfortunately those activities were off limits to me, and so I did an ‘alternative’ trip to an iguana conservation project, where I got to meet some iguanas and learn all about local conservation efforts and breeding projects. Honestly, it was one of the coolest things I’ve done so far.

So yeah, whilst I was initially bummed out by the sunburn, I managed to make the most of my time in Belize, and do some activities I never would have usually done. All in all, not a bad week! Next, off to Guatemala!

How’s your week been so far? And any tips for the sunburn?

Lots of love,


14 thoughts on “The Backpacker Chronicles Week 2”

    1. Thanks, you should definitely visit! Bacalar is absolutely stunning and I wish I’d stayed longer to be honest. A great place to chill out, plus it has a few nice vegan restaurants and even a vegan ice cream shop so I loved it personally! Thanks for stopping by my blog btw 😊

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  1. I just put Bacalar on my places to see list. It sounds amazing! So is Belize!
    As for sunburn, or any burn, use aloe vera gel. Plenty of it. It helps with recovering your skin. A total life saving accessory!


  2. Loving this…in all honesty, I have never heard of Bacalar….but you just put it on my radar! Seems like an amazing place for ecotourism and just exploring. Thank you for sharing!!


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