Help needed – In search of a new goal!

Well folks, it’s come to that time of year. The clocks have gone back, there’s a discernible nip in the air, and London seems to be host to more cloudy days than not. This can only mean that we’re fast heading into Winter, which means one thing, and one thing only:

I need a new running goal. 

I’ve always found that having a goal, and specifically, a goal race, helps me get through the winter. I don’t know what aspect it is that helps most -whether it’s just forward planning, instead of bunking down and waiting for the cold months to be over; or whether it’s as simple as having to be out training most days, come rain, shine or snow – but a goal always gets me through!


So here’s what I’m after:

  • A half marathon
  • January or February time,
  • Preferably in or around London

Any suggestions?

Lots of love,


6 thoughts on “Help needed – In search of a new goal!”

  1. I don’t know. How about doing, say, a half marathon, somewhere local, just after Christmas?
    Okay, in fairness, you’re halfway there (oops!) as regards the goal. Dead right to have one. But how about pushing the boat out a bit? Get out of the comfort zone? Try a different race. Set a different goal. Or perhaps go somewhere completely different. Our local club does a great event on new year’s eve every year called Lock Up The Year, and it’s run along the canal bank. There are 5,10, half and full options. The half is fairly popular. It’s great ‘coz it’s totally self-supported, and there are no medals or T shirts, or chip times. The director does note your times as you come in, for posterity, but that’s about it. And then it’s into the rather damp portacabin/clubhouse for the best soup and sandwiches ever. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I bet there’s something similar over there. Enjoy it, anyway. Otherwise, what’s the point? 😉


  2. I like to set my goals in the fall too! It is the season of hard work and preparation. Good luck with finding a beautiful goal to reach! Xoxo


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