Goals for 2017

Warning kittens, this is a long one.

I had written a whole list of goals for 2017 right before I went climbing, fell with a splat and ended up with my leg in a cast. I’ve been forced to re-evaluate somewhat, since there’s no chance in hell I’ll be running a goal half marathon in Spring. Nonetheless, some of my goals will still be achievable towards the end of the year, whilst others are brand new goals I’ve been forced to come up with, heels dragging, over the past few days. So here goes nothing!


A Half Marathon

This will definitely be towards the end of the year. As I said, I’m in a cast, on crutches, and completely unable to do any form of cardio, never mind run. Still, this is going on the list because I think it’s important to keep myself focused and still think of myself as a runner even though I’m temporarily out of action.

A Sub 1:45 Half Marathon

This was my original dream for the year. Honestly, there’s a big question mark above this one- I don’t think I’ll be able to put in enough quality training, even once my leg is on the mend. My priority for the year is to get my leg better and focus on all-round athleticism. I’ll take this injury as an opportunity to get my body in tip-top working condition with plenty of variety, including lifting, yoga, pilates, swimming and all manner of other prehab exercises.


A Sub-45 10k

Lol, jk, jk. This was an old goal. Not happening!

Move house!

I was told a few weeks ago that my landlord intends to sell our flat. He’s French and his wife is Ukranian, and they’re feeling less-than-welcome in the UK since the Brexit vote (and I don’t really blame them). Legislation and uncertainty has forced their hand and they’ve decided to move back to France, hence the need to sell up and kick us out. I’ve not been 100% happy in my living situation for a while, and so it’s a good thing really. Ideally I’d like to have found a job and rehabbed my leg by the time this happens, but who knows what the fates have in store for me!

Parkrun at least once a month

It was my intention to get more involved in Parkrun last year. And whilst I may not be running it, I’d like to take the opportunity to spend more time volunteering. Essentially the bottom line is- get your butt to Parkrun, once a month, in any way shape or form.

Take at least one race vacation

I absolutely loved the destination races I ran this year in Budapest and Reykjavik. They’re just such a great way to see a city and spend some time with friends! Ideally, I would love to go to Reykjavik again in time for the half marathon in August- here’s hoping!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 19.53.14

Read 52 books in 52 weeks of 2017!

I set myself this goal in 2014 whilst I was still at university and amazingly, I completed it. I think it helped that I did a literature-heavy degree, and 2014 was my finals year. But nonetheless it was a fun challenge, and I’ve let reading slip as a priority recently. I’ve made a good start already, and I’ll keep you posted!

Do yoga at least once a week

Ever since Reykjavik I’ve tried to make yoga a priority in my weekly routine, and every week or so I go to a class or practice yoga at home- Yoga with Adriene videos are my go-to resource for a home practice. Whilst I’m incredibly limited in what I can currently do, I want to make sure I’m taking good care of my body.



Explore a plant-based diet

Earlier on this year I spoke briefly about trialling a plant-based diet but have written little on the subject since. However towards the tail-end of the year I’ve been gradually reducing the amount of animal products in my diet, including my beloved poached eggs on toast. Whilst I’m certainly not making any promises, I’ve found a ton of benefits from this kind of diet and it’s something I would like to learn more about.

Find a way to give back at least once a month

Back when I was in school, my form tutor taught us all a very valuable lesson: when you’re feeling your worst, that’s the time to give back to people. I may be at a low ebb in life at the moment, but putting some good back into the world certainly isn’t going to hurt.


Up my photography game

I’ve gotten really into taking photos this past year and I think that photography and vlogging/video-making are something I’d really like to do more of in 2017. In March of 2016 I attended an event called the Adventure Woman Film Festival hosted by Arts Picturehouse in Central London. It woke me up to the lack of female adventure filmmakers out there and inspired me to get out there and do it myself! I actually kept a video diary in the leadup to Manchester Marathon, but wimped out of publishing it. Maybe this is the year…?

Be able to do a single pull up

This was kind of a goal in 2016 and fell to the wayside with my focus on marathon training- after all, there’s only so much you can do. But this year a lack of running plus being on crutches means that upper body strength is the priority- it’s basically like doing tricep dips ALL DAY. Another way to achieve this may be Rocket Yoga, which is very intense on the upper body. Who knows… I’ll keep ya posted!

Okay I may not be climbing RN but still


Whilst I can’t make any travel plans right now (I do not have a job!), I would like to travel to two new places this year. A friend of mine is off doing aid work in Kosovo, and whilst it’s a war-torn and very poor country, it’s also supposed to be beautiful.

The Mantra: Move Your Frame

Keeping active is my overarching mantra of the year, as it has been for the past few months. I stole this from Frame, a workout studio in London, but I think the idea of moving your body in some way everyday is a sustainable way to live healthy and keep those endorphins flowing.


Now, over to you! What are your goals for 2017?


Lots of love,



28 thoughts on “Goals for 2017”

  1. I am with you with the pull ups. I am getting closer but am beginning to wonder if I will ever manage it, my upper body strength is pants. Good goals – keep positive with your running , a year is a long time. x

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  2. Looks like a very exciting and interesting year ahead! Some of our resolutions are quite similar such as yoga/ plant based diet: giving something back to the community. All the best for you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. To healing swiftly, finding a new flat and a new gig and to PULL-UPS! I absolutely love that you’re getting into photography/videography! Such a creative outlet to explore. Cheers, Friend! Happy 2017- onward and upward!

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  4. Hope your leg is on the mend.
    We’re exploring the UK this year with three little boys in tow. Lots of new places, getting out of our comfort zone and refusing to let monotony set in. Continue with home education for the boys, find work for me. And losing this damn baby weight by getting out on my bike again!
    Simple goals, but important when motherhood seems to take over everything!


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