On Junk Miles and Rest

I’ve been running a lot of junk miles recently. I was made redundant about two weeks ago, and the thing I’ve been most grateful for is that I have this outlet- I can think things out on my feet, or at the very least get an endorphin boost to help me clear my head.

Endorphins, right?

That being said, I’ve been teetering on the edge of injury for some time now, and so i know I have to rein it in and practice moderation. Monday was rest day for me, and I actually honoured it- not even looking at the gym timetable or packing my running kit “just in case”.


We often forget the importance of rest: personally, I actually run more when i’m not on a strict training plan. And so whilst the junk miles are necessary at this stage, they need to be balanced out by a heavy dose of rest: naps, yoga and plain old duvet days included.

How often do you take rest days?

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14 thoughts on “On Junk Miles and Rest”

  1. I backed off my miles and duration starting in July and I’m just now beginning to get back into training mode. I think we all need time away from running. The how, when and why is different for everyone. I knew I planned to run in three half marathons in just a little over two months time frame next spring. It’s HOT in Georgia, USA in the summer so I figured this would be a good time to ease back on my miles. I didn’t stop completely–just reduced my miles and frequency of running without any set schedule. I will admit the getting back into training mode hasn’t been easy this time. Mostly due to life activities outside of running but I can certainly feel the loss of endurance and tempo. Not really worried about it. I know in another six weeks I’ll completely forget about the challenges I have today. Oh, and junk miles? I don’t think there is such a thing. 🙂

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  2. Sometimes, I run not for the training benefits but because I enjoy it and I feel good !

    Recovery is very important though. I use heart rate variability tracking to see if I should run at a high intensity, low intensity or just rest today

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  3. When I’m training, I take 2 – 3 rest days during the week. Post half marathon, I take half a week off before resuming my running schedule. Post marathon, I take a week off. I’m physically and mentally drained after marathons. 😛

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    1. Yeah I know that feeling! I definitely didn’t take enough time off after my first marathon, but following Budapest 30k I was so injured (having intended to do the full marathon distance) that I had to take 3 weeks off, and it actually worked really well for me! The mental drain is no joke.

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  4. I’m slowly learning to love & respect my body, so that I can enjoy many more years of running. I have a long history of injuries and have already had to retire from one sport and leave it all behind. Since I’ve discovered running, I’ve been training furiously and recklessly in fear of a crash & burn that ends it all. I’ve only just realized that I need to slow down and treat my running career like a marathon, not a 5k. I’ll take my rest days when my body asks me to, so that it can prepare for the miles ahead and be grateful.

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