Monday Motivation: Leo Manzano

This week I thought I’d share some motivation that really hit home for me when I saw it earlier this week. It’s about Leo Manzano, who is a Mexican-American middle distance runner. What struck me about this video was Leo’s focus on learning from injury- as someone who is currently a little bit in denial but also a little bit injured, it gave me solace and inspiration to see that you can come back from chronic or recurrent injury, and be an even stronger athlete than before.



How do you deal with injury?

Lots of love,



1 thought on “Monday Motivation: Leo Manzano”

  1. Injuries are tough. The first time I was injured this summer, I was in the middle of marathon training and determined to stay fit so that when the injury had healed, I could jump right back in. I got injured again. This time, I’m much more patient. I’ve learned slow and steady gets me further than too much, too soon. It also helps to have zero expectations so that there’s no pressure.


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