Mindfulness: Marathon Mantra

I found this online yesterday, and it really struck a chord. It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking you’re going to have a worse time than everyone else on race day. But that’s simply not true. Everyone is fighting their own battle, and I’m pretty certain that everyone’s struggling come Mile 20.



My mantra for Reykjavik was It’s supposed to hurt. I think it’s a great mantra to have, because it teaches you to accept and make friends with the suffering. I think it’s going to be my mantra for race day in two weeks (two weeks!) time.


What’s a mantra that’s gotten you through a tough race?


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4 thoughts on “Mindfulness: Marathon Mantra”

  1. I think the corollary to that mantra is that it will also finish eventually. Yes, it may hurt, but it will be over. Pain is temporary, and all that sort of internet guff. But it’s sort of true I guess. The only thing to add as a small aside is that it probably shouldn’t REALLY hurt. I mean, not really, really, hurt. That might suggest someone’s running through an injury. As regards pace: yep, pace is always where it’s at. I suspect Mo Farah could jog a marathon at 10 minute mile pace very easily. In fact, he may doze off! But 5 minute mile pace is more his thing. I guess then maybe even for the greats there is some pain. Feck, I hope so!!!

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    1. Yeah I think that’s the point- you’re almost always running a marathon to push yourself, and it’s never going to be easy! My mantra worked for Reykjavik when I (thankfully) wasn’t injured… I think I’m gonna have to be a bit more realistic when it comes to Budapest as i’m currently suffering with a calf injury!

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  2. Yes to all this! I have heard over and over how hard and painful the marathon will be. I’m trying to prepare for that in training, but the thing is I’m not going to know exactly how I will feel on race day until it happens. I guess I just need to be as ready as I can be that there’s going to be pain and discomfort!

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  3. You posted this just at the right time. I reminded myself of it as I was suffering through the living hell that was Loch Ness marathon on Sunday. A beautiful marathon but mentally and physically the hardest thing I have ever done. However, eventually I finished and got my medal so I’m happy. Next one will be a flat one though


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