Woman Crush Wednesday: Emelie Forsberg

Woman Crush Wednesday is brought to you this week by Swedish Ultra, Trail and Skyrunner Emelie Forsberg. I first discovered Emelie only a few months ago through her sponsor videos on Youtube, but have since become fascinated by her training, her Wanderlust-worthy life, and most importantly her balanced and healthy attitude towards food and body image. Below is the video that first led me to follow her- she has a really lovely, positive and holistic attitude on life.



Some facts Emelie:

  • She ran her first serious trail race (Swedish Vértex Fjällmaraton in 2009) using a home-made chocolate cake as her fuel. She won.
  • She currently competes on the Swedish Ski Mountaineering and Ultra Trail teams.
  • She currently holds the women’s record for Ascent & Descent of Mont Blanc (4810m with 4,100m elevation).
  • Her 10k time (for reference) is 36 minutes. Whilst she’s strong on the uphill, and regularly wins vertical races, it’s on the downhill where she comes into her own.
  • She’s placed first in three races this year since having surgery on a torn ACL. Talk about impressive!


Who’s inspiring you currently? Let me know! 


Lots of love,







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