This Saturday: I am Team GB!

As the Olympics drew to a close last week, I personally shed a small tear.

After all, the Olympics are the ultimate sporting event, and this year I’ve found myself obsessively checking social media, and rushing home to watch the coverage live. I find the Olympic Games immensely inspirational, and they always give me a much-needed kick up the backside to put down the popcorn, get off the sofa, and get outside for a run. Whilst the end of the Games may be a sad occasion for some, British broadcaster ITV has the perfect solution to the post-Olympic slump; all seven ITV channels will be shut down for one hour following the end of the Games. Instead of normal programming, the display will read: “We’ve gone running, why don’t you join us?”



This initiative is part of the I Am Team GB project, which aims to both welcome home Olympic athletes, whilst proving that “you don’t have to be an Olympian to be part of Team GB,” in the words of Olympic Medallist Greg Rutherford. It aims to be the nation’s biggest sports day, with sports clubs opening their doors and hosting events all across the country. Whilst some may be sceptical- after all, what good can one hour do – I welcome the move. The Olympic Games can be the perfect catalyst to get people involved in sport, but to be honest, we may not do it of our own accord. And with obesity levels rising in the UK, especially amongst children, maybe we all need a collective kick up the backside. So on August 27th, I implore you: put down the popcorn, get off the sofa, and get outside for a run!

Will you be getting out and involved in #iamteamgb ?

Lots of love,


9 thoughts on “This Saturday: I am Team GB!”

  1. I’m afraid I’ve fallen out of my exercise regime for the last few weeks. Lacking motivation. I do love the spirt of the Olympics though and should probably get back out there and running.

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