Woman Crush Wednesday: Nikki Kimball

This week’s #WCW is brought to you courtesy of Nikki Kimball, ultrarunner, adventurer, record-holder, feminist and all-round Wonderwoman. I came across Nikki when the documentary Finding Traction came up on my Youtube suggestions. I watched it and immediately fell in love.

The documentary film tracks Nikki’s attempt to break the Long Trail record- not just the women’s record, but the men’s record too. This stood out to me- Nikki is not one to be defined by gender roles, and frankly sees no reason why a woman shouldn’t consider herself at an equal pegging to her male competitors. I won’t give too much away, but I highly recommend watching the film.

Since watching Finding Traction I’ve been following Nikki’s career and she never fails to blow me away. She regularly speaks about gender inequality, and champions the role of women in sport, including the startling dropout rate of women participating in sport from childhood to puberty.

Some stats about Nikki:

  • Nikki refuses to compete in races where the prize money for men and women is unequal
  • She struggled with severe depression and running helped her overcome the worst of this
  • She’s a physiotherapist by trade
  • Her accolades include: 3 Western States 100 wins, 1st place in the UTMB in 2007, and 1st place in Marathon Des Sables in 2014.


Who’s your woman crush at the moment? Any other inspirational ladies I should have on my radar?

Lots of love

Pippa x

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