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My Hydration Favourites

In an odd turn of events, British Summer seems to have finally emerged from wherever it’s been hiding. And with that, comes heat, humidity, and heightened concern over hydration. I’ve always been pretty good at hydrating throughout the day, but with the heat and humidity being what it has been recently, I’ve been making a conscious effort to get enough fluids and salts. So here are my hydration faves, water aside:


Miso soup


I know this is a weird one, especially to start out with. But after a long run (or even a short one for that matter) I find slightly cooled-down miso soup to really hit the spot when it comes to salt and hydration. If I’m feeing adventurous, I’ll add spinach and an egg into the mix, but mostly, I just gulp that shit down plain.


images (4)


Powerbar or Science in Sport Electrolytes


I like both of these brands as they seem to do the job just fine; Powerbar electrolytes have a better taste, but SiS feels a bit more premium…like it might be doing more of a job! I know that’s largely influenced by branding and packaging though, so I’m not fussed either way. I used to use Nuun electrolytes but I still often found myself with a post-run headache even after having taken them.


Powerbar 5 Electrolytes Tablets


Carbonated Water


You can buy flavoured, carbonated water at pretty much any local supermarket- they’re usually sugar free (and virtually calorie-free), and come in a variety of flavours. They taste so damn good, and they aren’t quite as bad for you as a Diet Coke. That’s my excuse anyway.




Coconut Water


I don’t drink this very often due to the cost, but every once in a while I’ll splash out and get a big carton to sip on throughout the week. I find it does the job, and the taste (which bothers some people) can be masked by mixing it in with a smoothie of some sort.


hqdefault (1)


Tea and Coffee


Whilst tea and coffee both have a bad rep for being diuretics, studies have shown that two large cups of coffee per day don’t really affect you too badly. And as for tea? Being the true Brit that I am, I drink several cups a day, but I try to switch it up and have at least a few cups of green or herbal tea, as a bit of a healthy switch.




So is there anything I’ve missed? I’m always keen to try new things!


Lots of love,



10 thoughts on “My Hydration Favourites”

  1. A lot of the time i do a splash of gatorade in the bottom of my water bottle all day long for flavor and hydration then make the gatorade ratio higher and higher depending on length of the run and the heat.

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    1. Yeah I really try my best not to have too many fizzy drinks, but I looooove a flavoured water. But I just tried sugar-free Snapple for the first time (on a run) and that was life-changing. I’d never had it before!


  2. I love Nuun, though I found that despite buying them for long-run hydration, 75% of the time I used them for hangovers… Sadly they’re stopping selling them in the UK though.


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