Monday Motivation

This past weekend was kind of a write-off. I’d been sick towards the end of the week with something that I couldn’t pin down at all. I ended up taking two half-days at work and feeling generally miserable. I even got offered free tickets to the Müller Anniversary Games and had to turn them down. That’s how bad I felt.

But by complete coincidence I slumped down on the sofa at a friend’s house and switched on the games, only to witness history being made.


I cannot describe how motivational and inspiring this was. To think that Kendra Harrison missed out on a spot on the Olympic Team only to break a freakin’ world record (that’s stood for 28 years)- I just can’t handle it! But what really got me was how over the moon her teammates were- it’s great to see girls kicking butt, and lifting eachother up whilst doing so.

So there you have it, Monday’s motivation.

What are your goals for the week ahead? Any tips to get me out of my sickness funk?

Lots of love,


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