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Why I love speedwork, even when I hate it

I’m relatively new to speedwork. I only started doing tempo runs at the start of the year during prep for Manchester Marathon, and that was pretty much as far as I’d got. So that makes around 5 years of running without ever so much as trying an interval session, or even venturing out for a tentative fartlek. To be completely honest, I didn’t understand and frankly wanted to try to ignore it.


But recently I’ve actually started taking to the dreadmill for interval training, and I have to say I’m noticing the difference already. I try to fit sessions in nearer the start of the week (Tuesdays), just so I can get them over and done with. And once they’re finished, I feel a little bit like superwoman. And so, here are the top reasons I love speedwork (even when I hate it).

  1. There are so many variations: fartlek, intervals and threshold. You can switch it up and never get bored.
  2. Kicking up a gear for the first time always feels kinda awesome
  3. And then it gradually starts to suck
  4. But the pain is part of the process
  5. Building up a sweat and really pushing yourself to the max
  6. Feeling like you might puke at the end
  7. Realising you did the thing you were procrastinating over all day
  8. You get to reward yourself with a suitable combination of carbs and yumminess
  9. That sweet sweet ache in your legs that shows you you’ve done a good day’s work
  10. Feeling like superwoman once you’re done


Superwoman…or Kara

What kind of speedwork do you prefer?

How seriously do you procrastinate before you do a hard session? 

Lots of love,

Pippa xxx

9 thoughts on “Why I love speedwork, even when I hate it”

  1. I know exactly how you feel. Speed work can be a pain, in every sense.
    However, you;be gotta do it!
    For me, I love/hate doing stairs, pyramid sessions and hill sprints. Yup, I MUST be MAD.
    Keep digging deep.

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  2. I always run in the morning so there’s no procrastination for me! I haven’t actually started my speed work yet this training cycle – that’s next week, but I tend to enjoy it. I played lacrosse before I was a runner so I really enjoy pushing myself for short intervals. Plus, I always remind myself I only have to go a short distance!

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      1. It depends on the training cycle/goal race. Always some runs at goal race pace the few weeks before the race. For this training cycle my speed work is simply 800 repeats starting at 2 and adding one each week until I hit 10.

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  3. ‘Kicking up a gear for the first time always feels kinda awesome… And then it gradually starts to suck’ SO true! I always feel amazing for the first 10 second of a speed interval before I start thinking, ‘when will this end?!’ Definitely feel like superwoman at the end though 🙂


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