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Running and Racing

Whilst I love to run for fun, I also absolutely love racing, especially when it’s with my City Athletics crew. There’s something so fun about having a road trip to a random location, racing your heart out, and then going to the pub afterwards. So without further ado, here are my race plans for the tail-end of the year.


The Big, Scary, Audacious Goal…


…is the Budapest Marathon on 8th October. I’m not going to lie, I’m in it mainly for the holiday, but i also desperately need to avenge the horrific race day I had the first time I tried my hand at the marathon distance in April. After much umming and ahhing, I decided to just go ahead with it… I mean, I’d booked the flights months ago, so there’s that too!





A Trip to Scandinavia


Courtesy of the Reykjavik Half Marathon, on 20th August. I had a lot of annual leave left over by the time it got to June, and so I panicked, and tagged along with what started off as a small runners’ jaunt, and has since gotten a lot bigger. I have no idea what to expect of Reykjavik, but I’m very excited for the hot springs which, I can imagine, are absolute heaven after a long race. As a side note, I’ve never actually raced a half marathon before, and I have a weird mental block about the distance. So this should be interesting!




Where the ‘El 


is Elmore? I have absolutely no idea, but as per usual, I signed up to the race pretty much as soon as it got posted on the City Runners Facebook group. It’s a 7-miler and forms part of the Surrey Road League, so it must be in Surrey somewhere. And as usual, I’ll probably have the night-before-the-race panic when I realise quite how early I have to get up to make it to the start line on time. Oh well, there’s always coffee.




‘Ello Elmbridge


Again, another leg of the Surrey Road League…so Surrey I guess? This is a 10k, which I think still remains my favourite distance to race. It’s also a great indicator of fitness and helps me to keep track on where I’m at, and if I’m making any progress. That being said, there’s a risk I’ll pile the pressure on- so that’s something to be wary of. But still, a day out with the runner crew!




What’s your running schedule looking like? Anyone been to Iceland or Budapest? Send me your tips! 


Lots of love




15 thoughts on “Running and Racing”

  1. Wow you have some exciting trips planned! That is wonderful! I haven’t been to either country but would love to one day! Good luck with your training and I’m looking forward to seeing some travel pics!

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  2. Fantastic plans there!
    I’m so jealous you’re going to Budapest! I had no idea they had a marathon, but it’s on my wishlist now. I could write essays about what to do in Budapest (mostly involving eating). I would definitely recommend a river cruise because you’ll get to see a lot of the city and it’s a nice way to relax for a couple of hours. Also, definitely check out the spas. I didn’t do it when I went and I regret it. I’d imagine a spa session would do wonders after a marathon!
    The castle is lovely, and the zoo is wonderful – they really care about their animals. As for food, I’d say try everything, but I really recommend a fab restaurant in the Jewish quarter, called Stone Soup. Really quirky decor and delicious food. I went in 2011 so I don’t know if it’s still around, but it was lovely. And one of my favourite snacks there was túró rudi, which I stocked up on in corner shops!
    Sorry, I think I did just write an essay.

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    1. Okay I’m definitely gonna hit you up for more recommendations closer to the time! I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the food- didn’t really know what to expect- but now i’m very excited! Luckily I’m staying for a few days after the marathon so there’ll be plenty of time for eating, relaxing and sightseeing. But as a bonus, the marathon route takes you through loads of great sights, so I guess there’ll be less to tick off the tourist list!

      And no worries, I always like an essay 😉

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      1. Any time! I actually found my Budapest travel guide yesterday when I was unpacking a box of books. I can’t wait to go back. Maybe one day even to do the marathon there! Running sounds like a nice way to see all those sights. Plus a great distraction!


  3. a race is iceland sounds AMAZING i have seen some really beautiful photos and heard great things I cant wait for you to post about it. my next race isnt until september for disneyland half in paris. its way to freaking hot by me to do anything so summers are usually just to maintain.

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  4. Fantastic! Budapest & Reykajvi c are two beautiful places, would love to run in either city.
    I was told by someone the other day that Elmbrigde is one of the best 10k’s around despite being quite small.
    Also feel your pain on the travelling, planning for 2017 & struggling to get anywhere early on a Sunday morning – even for Brighton Half!
    Next for me is Great Newham, JPM Corporate Challenge then GreatNorthRun!
    All the best

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  5. I’m very envious, Budapest is a lovely city and Iceland is on my must visit list. My only race for the rest of the year (more ‘may’ be booked though) is the Basingstoke Half. Not a trip though as the start/finish is just 5 mins walk from home!

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    1. But it’s always so much more simple to race close to home- you get your breakfast and coffee exactly how you want it, plus there aren’t any race day logistics to take care of! Iceland has always been on my must-visit list, and I probably planned on waiting a few years till I had a bit more income spare, given that it’s kinda expensive. But ohhhhh well!

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