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The Protein Works: Vegan Protein Review

As I’ve mentioned, I’m making a few explorations into the plant-based lifestyle. For me, that also includes finding a vegan protein shake to supplement with on the rare occasions I find myself lacking in protein. Additionally, I’m lactose intolerant- so whilst I do occasionally drink whey protein, it upsets my stomach and skin. So even on the days I’m not being vegan, a non-dairy protein is great to have.


I’d seen a vegan protein on The Protein Works, along with great reviews, saying mainly how great it tasted. I debated for a while, but eventually bought the Vanilla Creme flavour, and waited excitedly for its arrival. It’s a Raw Vegan Blend, which is a mix of several different plant-based proteins, providing a great amino profile. And I couldn’t wait to try it!


But sadly, I was disappointed. I mixed it up with water for a late-afternoon refuel but found myself completely unable to drink it. And that’s saying something. I actually gagged! Maybe I just got a bad batch, or maybe The Protein Works needs to work on their flavouring.

I don’t often write bad product reviews- if a product is bad, I usually won’t write about it, even if it was sent to me. But I was so disappointed with this most recent product (which I bought with my own money) that I just had to write something. On a more positive note though, if you’re looking for a vegan protein, I can recommend the My Protein Vegan Blend in Chocolate. It doesn’t taste as good as a whey shake and has a slightly chalky texture but it does the job, and you get used to it!


Can anyone recommend me a good vegan/non-dairy protein powder?

Lots of love,



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