5 More Essential Strength Moves

I just shared my Top 5 strength and conditioning moves, and I thought I’d add some optional extras: I do these when I have time and energy, which is usually around twice a week.They’re all quite fun, and very simple- they can be done at home, and all you need is a resistance band.

1. Lateral squat walk: fondly referred to as ‘crab waddles’. They’re fun, if nothing else.



2. Resistance band glute kick-backs



3. Resistance band squats: another exercise from my physio. The focus should be on squeezing your glutes in as you come up, pushing outwards against the resistance band with your thighs. Does that make sense?



4. Resistance band side pulses: another feeble attempt to improve my glutes!



5. Squats and squat pulses: This is more of a vanity thing, as I’ve developed a weird obsession with my inner thighs!


So that’s it for me! Currently my main focus is keeping it simple and using my tried and tested little and often approach. I’m noticing a huge difference in my running strength so far, and I’ve only been doing these for 2 weeks!


What strength and conditioning do you do? Do you have any home equipment recommendations?


Lots of love,



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