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Mindfulness: Podcast of the Month

I go through phases with the things I listen to, but right now I’m definitely appreciating podcasts as a genre. Do you ever think how cool it is to be able to browse a worldwide library of content, and download it at the click of a button? Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of information we have at our disposal- but that’s a tale for another day.

My favourite podcast recently has been This American Life- these are the guys that produce Serial, my other favourite show. The premise of This American Life is very simple; each week they pick a theme, and present two or three features surrounding that theme. I don’t really know how they do it (aside from skilful journalism, obviously), but they create really fascinating and engaging stories on the strangest of subject matter.

For instance a recent favourite of mine was called The Middle of Nowhere. The title is pretty self explanatory, and yet the stories were vastly different:

The opener: Captain Charles Moo telling us about an unintentional man-made island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean that consists entirely of thrown-away plastics.

Act I: Narau, an actual Pacific island somewhere vaguely near the coast of Australia- so remote that it’s turned to some pretty unconventional – and ethically dubious – means of generating income, including top-secret illegal banks and immigration detention centres.

Act II: We rounded up with the story of the show’s very own senior producer Julie Snyder, who was stuck in a modern-day limbo- the hold queue of her phone company, unable to resolve her issue and facing a costly legal battle.

I genuinely cannot say enough good things about this podcast. Give it a listen!

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Any podcast recommendations for me?


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8 thoughts on “Mindfulness: Podcast of the Month”

  1. This American Life is definitely the standard-bearer of podcasts. I too am amazed at how many different stories they are able to weave into a topic, and I often find myself wondering where they find these people and how they come up with these ideas. I’ve encountered a few duds with This American Life, but mostly it’s been very good.

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    1. I first listened to it on a Sunday long run, but the story was about a girl who got sexually assaulted, and being a lone female runner, I had to switch that one off! But now I’m absolutely in love with the content they produce


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