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50 Things I Learned Whilst Training for a Marahon

As a caveat to this- I don’t know much about running and certainly don’t claim to be an expert by any means. However, I learned a lot whilst training for my first marathon- both personally and about my sport. So here’s my take on lessons learned.

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  1. You’re capable of more than you think
  2. Tempo miles are never going to be fun, no matter how good you get
  3. Fuel is so so important. You can’t train for a marathon on shitty nutrition and expect to be performing optimally
  4. Good shoes make a whole lot of difference
  5. Sometimes I can’t be bothered is a perfectly valid excuse, especially when it comes to things that aren’t training-related
  6. Comparison is a thing of evil
  7. Self-care is always important
  8. Maybe, just maybe, accomplishing something great is more important than the number on the scale
  9. I get on really well with having a structured training plan and schedule
  10. Having a goal is a great motivator
  11. That goal should be audacious and hairy
  12. Taking time out of training is equally important as logging the miles
  13. Making sure to see friends does a lot for your mood
  14. When socializing during training, it helps to pick events that involve being sat down
  15. Sometimes taking a day off to sleep is just necessary
  16. You know it’s going to be hard, but you can’t quite appreciate how hard
  17. Your feet are going to look gross
  18. Some days, you’ll just feel gross
  19. Investing in pretty workout clothes or manicures will help you feel a little bit more human
  20. It will be the best of times
  21. And the worst of times
  22. Hissy fits in the loos at work are completely acceptable. You’re putting yourself through a whole lot.
  23. Keeping snacks handy at all times works wonders for hunger
  24. Some days, the brain fog will get too much
  25. And on those days, you just need to write everything down
  26. You need to make sure your friends are on board to support you, even when you’re cranky
  27. Check your crankiness. Take a step back when you’re moody and stop (and/or apologise)
  28. Playlists, podcasts and audiobooks will become your best friends
  29. Getting used to racing is really important. I wish I’d raced more during training.
  30. Training helped me get through the dark of winter (I’m a summer baby!)
  31. Procrastination doesn’t actually get the job done
  32. You have to get used to being out of your comfort zone
  33. Invest in your running shoes, but don’t leave it too late (like I did!)
  34. Don’t try to be everything and do everything during your training season. Sacrifices will have to be made.
  35. Having short term goals and rewards really helps – for me, cinema trips and eBay splurges
  36. Make your morning routine idiot proof- I essentially did a capsule wardrobe (accidentally), and wore m hair in the same style for 2 weeks straight
  37. Celebrate your successes
  38. Laugh at your failures
  39. Surround yourself with people who get it
  40. Instagram is a great source of inspiration
  41. Lunchtime and morning runs are great. They free up your evening so you can see your friends (or zonk out in front of Netflix)
  42. Don’t overdo it! I was definitely overtrained on race day
  43. Make sure you don’t set your alarm to silent on race day (I definitely did this…)
  44. Do your strength training and listen to your physio
  45. Everything will hurt
  46. Some runs will suck, and some will be the embodiment of awesome
  47. Nice shower gel and body scrubs will make you feel a world better
  48. Some days, there is not enough coffee in the world
  49. Self-doubt happens
  50. But so does awesomeness. You got this!


Do you have anything to add to this?


Lots of love,



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