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Two Milestone Runs, Part 1: The 10-Miler

I’ve reached that stage in my training plan where most of my runs are further than I’ve ever run before. Or faster. Or in some way unknown. Two weeks ago, I did my first ten-miler, and then this weekend I ran a very slow half marathon along the Thames.

It’s been lovely so far, although I have to admit it’s been kicking my butt in a big way. I’ve had a few existential moments, for instance during the very hilly last two miles of my long run route, when my breath is heaving and my hip flexors feel like they’re about to give out. And then of course, the day after, when I called my mother to tell her about my aches, and she reminded me I was doing this voluntarily. #thanksmum.


Whilst I’ve had my bad, tired, grumpy and grouchy moments, I’m really enjoying this training season so far. I’m learning so much about myself, my body and my mind- plus I have a great sense of achievement at the end of each session.

So, the 10-miler:

Let me set the scene: it two weekends ago; I’d been at a rather wild dinner party at my boss’s house the night before (tequila shots were served) and woke up not feeling so fresh. Having run some errands, I felt a little shakey, probably from not having eaten too much the night before. But this whole 10 miler, further than I’ve ever run before, was really starting to mess with my head. Although I’d planned it for a non-hungover Sunday, I thought fuck it. Let’s just get this over and done with. And so I headed off.


I pootled along for around 5 miles, listening to Season 2 of Serial- very addictive stuff. I was slow, hitting 10 minute miles, and I got a bit lost around The O2 at Greenwich. I had to trot around North Greenwich till I found a way home, and eventually found my way back to my original route. My hip flexors hurt and my calves were tight, but I ended the run feeling triumphant. On getting home, I had peanut butter on toast, a whole carton of blueberries, and fell asleep for at least an hour.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.08.09

This was the first run that really took it out of me for the weekend. Getting it over with on a Saturday definitely helps from a time perspective, but it still took me all weekend to recover! I’ve been doing plenty of yoga, both strengthening and stretching, as well as core work and some glute-specific exercises (I have a wonky bum, for anyone that cares). Nonetheless I learned some lessons both about general recovery and specifically what my body needs, and that definitely helped on my Second Milestone Run, this past weekend.

So, for anyone who cares, that’s how my training is going. I’m gaining confidence, both through increased distance on the long run, and increased speed on the tempo runs- I’m starting to realise how much of a mental game this is!


If you have any recommendations for the mental side of training, please let me know! 

Also, I’m looking for podcasts- tell me your favourite! 

Lots of love,




16 thoughts on “Two Milestone Runs, Part 1: The 10-Miler”

  1. Podcasts really help me get through any run! My favorites are: Running on Om, Marathon training Academy, Runner’s Connect Run to the Top, No Meat Athlete, and Serial (Season 1 though– I’m finding it hard to get through season 2!). Good luck– you should be proud to have run double-digits despite the conditions!


  2. Tequila hangover 10-miler – nice!! I struggle to run at all 2 days after “a visit from the Spirits” :D.

    Have you got a running friend? I have discovered that having a running bud for the odd run – maybe 1 or 2 a week that I am more likely to go out and do the tougher sessions solo.


    1. I think I need a training buddy! The problem is that all the runners at my club who are marathon training are much faster than me! Think i might try to see if anyone wants to tag along for “recovery miles” at various points on my long run- this week is another 13 miles so I’ll need the company!

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  3. woo hoo! I love the phase where everything is new! It’s a weekly pick-me-up of “man, am I awesome, or what?” The best part is, it’s never over… it just gets spaced out further apart.
    And it looks like you’re really in training mode now, and that’s awesome. Keep it up!


  4. I believe mental strength comes when you feel the training paying off. And it sounds like your training is going well, so the confidence will follow. That’s what works for me anyway


  5. i mean you probably already know this but its probably not the best idea to go for a long run hungover, all that crap just gets pumped into your blood stream and makes you feel nasty. i do my long runs on saturday morning to get them overwith, take a nice detox bath after (and ok a 30 minute nap) then get on with the day. im learning though that proper nutrition is the make or break factor in how i feel after a run. cant eat all the sugar and expect to run well, tried it and it didnt work out AT ALL. way to go on getting the 10 miles in 😀


  6. This week was supposed to be the week when I had to do the longest run yet. And surprise, yesterday I woke up sick and now I’m stuck in bed hoping I’ll be better by the end of the week. Congrats for your milestone, I’m really looking forward to reaching mine, you made me want it so bad!


  7. Love this, mainly as I’m about 3 miles behind you! I did my first proper long this weekend at 8 miles and my legs still ache. Laughing in the face of injury I’m going to try 10 this weekend (after a football match).

    What do you use for music? I’ve tried a phone holder but have a 6s Plus so it’s like weightlifting, I’ve got bluetooth headphones but am thinking I should buy a shuffle. I don’t like carrying much!

    Good luck!


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