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What happened to December?

This past week I took a well-deserved and much-needed break from pretty much everything- blogging included. My bad! But I spent a week run-exploring the countryside surrounding my parents’ house, eating lovely food and most importantly, snuggling with my dog. Batteries are recharged, and I’m ready for the year ahead.


This is where I got to go exploring- can you blame me?
If I’m being completely honest, December was a completely knackering month. Firstly, I got bored of being just self employed, so I went and found myself a full-time job. Now I have two jobs, which was an odd decision on my part. Better than being bored though, I hope! I then had a crazy few weeks of Christmas parties, drinks and dinners, and then a very important person in my life went through a serious medical crisis and we all rallied to his bedside.

You know they say it’s a marathon not a sprint? Well December felt like both. But thankfully, I made it to Christmas and promptly collapsed in front of the aga with my puppy, and we napped.

The star of my Christmas
That’s my update for now; surviving December was the name of the game this year. My running is going well, and I’m running relatively pain-free. I got to explore the countryside, free of music, distractions and expectations, and it was great to get back to basics. I’m going to use the next week or so to take stock, look back on 2015, and decide on my new goals for the year ahead.
Muddy shoes = Time well spent


Lots of love,



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