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This Girl Eats: Upbeat (plus a giveaway!)

The lovely folks at Upbeat sent me some products to try and review- thoughts are all my own. There’s also a giveaway at the end of this post so keep reading!


I’m a big fan of protein shakes- as a vegetarian I see them as my insurance policy,  in case I haven’t had enough protein from other sources. I relied on shakes heavily when I was trying to gain weight in a healthy manner over the course of the summer.


So I’m already sold on protein shakes; they’re like a guilt-free milkshake.  The only problem is they’re usually packed with a shit ton of added ingredients. Whilst I’m not one to police my diet strictly for “nasties”, it’s nice when an alternative is presented.


In comes Upbeat. Their protein smoothies are just that, more of a smoothie than a shake. Every bottle has under 150 calories but contains 20g of protein, and they’re flavoured with real fruit. They have a yoghurt-y texture which I really like, and taste like fruit. They’re like a yoghurt-based fruit smoothie, except the ton of added sugar of added sugar. I also gave one to a fellow runner who was feeling particularly knackered after a training session, and she commented that it was much less heavy than a traditional protein shake. I keep them with me for when I’m on the go- they help stave off the afternoon munchies!


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 23.08.31


So yeah, I’m converted. The only thing I’d add is that the texture is quite thick, so I usually dilute with water. That’s just personal preference, and something I do with all ready-made protein shakes.


Aaaand I’m off to the fridge for one right now!


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 23.08.46


So: the competition. Upbeat have given me a little goody bag to give away. It includes a t-shirt, Bobble water bottle, and of course some vouchers for free smoothies!
To enter:
  •  Be a follower of this blog
  •  Leave me a comment telling me your favourite way to fit protein into your day


Sadly this is only open to UK residents- winner will be picked at random by next Monday. Good luck!
Lots of love,



10 thoughts on “This Girl Eats: Upbeat (plus a giveaway!)”

  1. Hello! I’ve recently been drinking Nurishment cans in an old skool fashion as they are protein rich and full of vitamins but they do taste a bit metallic and sweet so I’d always be up for trying something new. I also try and eat protein rich foods as I, like you, struggle to eat enough to sustain a healthy weight. I’ve been eating crumpets like a maniac recently but fear these are not the healthy protein packed snack of choice!


  2. Bummed I can’t enter the giveaway, but it was fun reading about a new product! I’m a huge fan of protein smoothies and have one almost every morning. I like to use frozen fruit, spinach, almond milk, and Sunwarrior protein (it’s a brown rice protein and doesn’t upset my stomach)!


  3. Even though I’m not eligible I figured I’d go ahead and say that on boxing days (MWF) I start off with an Oh, Yeah! protein bar paired with my amino supplement pre-workout shake. After a “power hour” at the gym I down a pretty basic protein shake made from a scoop of MusclePharm Cookies & Cream whey and some water. Lots of protein and a butt-kicking workout to start my day!


  4. I make a weekly batch of protein balls, usually peanut or coconut ones. They keep for ages in the fridge and its something the whole family eat. So when I have to get the kids from school to gymnastics or karate they know to grab a protein ball and a drink before we leave!


  5. I try and eat cheese as a snack and ensure lunch is protein filled, like eggs or tuna. I haven’t found a shake I like so am keen to try upbeat!


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