This Girl Eats: Greens

Ok, this post may not sound like the most interesting thing in the world, but bear with me.

Sometimes healthy eating can seem like a chore. You’re never sure you’re getting enough nutrients in, plus it seems like every day the press will issue some new dogma on the way we eat: Carrots Cause Cancer, Red Wine Doubles Chance of Stroke, Is Your Cereal Trying to Kill You?!

I get so sick of this shit, so I try to ignore it generally.

I try to keep my diet relatively simple: 80% whole foods, 20% yummy noms, and plenty of protein for muscle maintenance. (For someone with a history of disordered eating, being able to say my diet is ‘simple’ is a big achievement).

But generally, my solution to every culinary dilemma goes along the lines of “Have you tried sticking some kale on it?”


Let me elaborate:

  • Having eggs on toast? Steam some kale to stick on the side.
  • Chicken stir fry? Add some spinach to the wok.
  • Tinned soup? Put kale in the pan/bowl while it cooks.
  • Post workout smoothie? Stick spinach in it. It makes the smoothie go green but you literally can’t taste the difference.
  • Cooking pasta? Add spinach to the pan in the last few minutes of cooking and let it wilt. Goes beautifully with a stir in of cream cheese and some black pepper.
  • Got random cravings for foods that don’t really go together? Literally stick that shit on some lettuce and you’ve got yourself a salad.

So there you have it; literally the easiest way to upgrade your meal courtesy of the Laziest Healthy Eater Ever. Also, LOL at this I found on Google:


I’m not quite that in love with Kale…

How do you upgrade your meal? Are you a fan of kale or do you think it’s overrated?

Lots of love,


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