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Post-Run Pampering

Now that I am working freelance in the fitness industry, I have a great excuse to hang out in my workout clothes pretty much all the time. Nonetheless, it’s occurred to me that I don’t want to let my standards slip- getting up, showering and (occasionally) putting on real clothes makes me feel like a proper human being. I only realized this when I went to a house party the other day- it was the first time in two weeks I’d dressed like a normal person.

There’s another aspect to this: I’m consistently busting my ass and pushing my limits right now: trying to make a success of my new job, regaining the level of fitness I had pre-injury, and doing my new lifting program. I’m constantly knackered and hungry- remembering to take care of myself is really important to me!

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been doing:

  1. Washing my hair even when it seems pointless. If I’m working out 6 days a week, it sometimes seems silly to keep washing my hair. Plus, washing your hair too often can damage it. But you you have to strike a balance, and there’s only so much dry shampoo can do. I wash my hair probably twice a week (more if I go swimming) and then blowdry it. It makes me feel like a girl again!
Well then I must be doing something right.

2. Moisturizing. I’m either out in the elements on a run, or in a chloriney pool, and quite frankly I don’t want lizard skin. So I’ve bought some lovely moisturizer to apply after showering. For those in a rush, I love love love the Vaseline sprays, especially the Cocoa Radiance one. They’re so quick, and so convenient.


3. Splurging on fancy bath stuff. I’m a big fan of Soap and Glory for scrubs and shower gel, and I’ve been known to spend a wee bit too much dollar in Lush. But having a lovely hot shower after a run and smelling fancy is definitely worth it!

4. Having nice workout clothes. This seems excessive, but if I’m gonna spend all day in my workout kit, it’s damn well gonna be some fancy ass shit. It seems like a silly investment (even for me), but I have to remind myself that since I don’t have an office job, I don’t buy work clothes. Plus let’s be honest, I’m still about that bargain hunting!

download (6)
Current faves. They make your butt look amazing!

5. Vitamins. In my quest to avoid illness for the entire winter, I’m loading up on effervescent vitamins. You can pick them up fairly cheaply, and it’s been so lovely to *knock on wood* not be gross and full of cold this far. Plus drinking vitamins every day really makes you feel like you’re taking care of yourself. Like a boss.

So there you have it!

How do you treat yourself after workouts? Any bath/shower products I should check out while I’m at it?

Lots of love,


14 thoughts on “Post-Run Pampering”

  1. I NEED to get in on the moisturizing thing. I am so bad to my skin!!! But with my pole hobby, the last thing you want is to be freshly moisturized or you fall off! LOL! So most days, I walk around with dirty hair and dry skin. So fabulous…LOL!

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  2. I’m so jealous. Spending all day in workout clothes is my DREAM!! Or at least jeans!! I do think it is the way of the future, though. More and more companies seem to be getting on board with more lenient dress codes, and the overall trends seem to be changing and office attire is become much more casual and expressive.

    I love this time of year because I can get away with less frequent hair washing. During the summer it is impossible for me not to wash my hair after a workout because it is literally drenched in sweat from root to tip and if I let it dry like that it will be too smelly and salty. I need to be better at moisturizing too!!

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    1. Haha it kind of is the dream, but it’s also really tempting to never brush your hair or put mascara on. Yoga pants are the bomb tho, especially after a hard workout! I actually have some compression tights from Under Armor which I basically live in- they’re like socially acceptable PJs, plus I think they’re helping with muscle recovery.

      I’m actually considering cutting all my hair off- not for the reason above, more just for a change- and i’m thinking it will actually be easier since I wont spend so much time drying it! Tho tbh I think with the workout kit, no makeup and short hair people will just think I’m an adolescent boy lol…

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  3. I’d love to spend all day in workout clothes; it would make me so happy! So I have to ask, what brand are the running tights in the photo? They look like exactly the kind I like!
    As for treats, there’s nothing quite like a hot shower after a cold/wet run. I’ve used Aussie products on my hair for ages now and recently discovered they do shower gels too which smell lovely. I also enjoy a nice hot bubble bath (with a wee glass of red wine) on a Sunday night to help me recover from my training and set me up for the week ahead.

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  4. love those tights they are super cute! but seriously…there is only so much dry shampoo can do lol. my hair is long enough I can put it up once its gets too nasty so people still cant really tell i havent washed my hair all week. i hate washing my hair when i know its just going to get all sweaty and gross again.

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    1. I’m genuinely considering cutting al my hair off! Not even for that reason- I just fancy a change- but it has occurred to me that it’ll be easier! Only prob is I think I’ll genuinely look like a boy after races etc, also if I choose not to wear makeup one day!


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