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My New Job: Fitness Rewards

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d left my Business Development job, so I thought I’d explain what changed and what I’m doing now.

If I’m being honest, I was feeling unfulfilled at my old job, and needed something better suited to me as a person, and not just my skill set. I’d already made the decision to leave, when I was offered a role at Fitness Rewards.


Who’s that?

Fitness Rewards is a company that provides Vitality Life and Serious Illness insurance, but there’s a slight difference: you can actually earn rewards for keeping active and being healthy. It makes sense really- the healthier you are, the less likely you are to have to claim on a policy. Smart, eh?

Even my idol is on board!

You get ‘points’ for doing 7,000 steps a day, going for a 30 minute run, buying healthy groceries, and even going to the dentist. These points are then converted into rewards, such as:

  • A weekly Starbucks drink of your choice (Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone?)
  • Free weekly cinema tickets for the family
  • 50% off Garmin, Polar and Fitbit devices
  • 50% off a pair of running shoes each year
  • 40% off Eurostar (Disney Half Marathon?!)
  • 75% (75 freakin percent!) off Champneys Spa days. Post marathon break maybe?
  • 50% cashback at Evans Cycles (handy for me in my newbie cyclist stage)

All that, plus if you reach a certain points level (going from Bronze to Platinum), you get cashback. Literally: money for taking care of yourself like badass you are.

You might be able to see already why Fitness Rewards captured my attention.The policy is  a no-brainer for me personally; I hit 7,000 steps almost daily on top of my regular exercise. And I bloody love Starbucks. But more critically, Fitness Rewards is trying to change the nation’s habits and prevent the rise of health issues like heart attacks, cancers and strokes. It’s a project I can really get behind on a personal level- this isn’t just about paying my bills.

Did I mention Jessica Ennis advertises it? With a sausage dog?!
Did I mention Jess Ennis is an ambassador? With a bloody sausage dog?! This is the company for me.

So what do I do?

I’m an adviser, meaning I help people find the right insurance policy, plus make sure they get all the rewards they’re entitled to. I’m also working with the online running community UKrunchat to form Fitness Rewards partnerships with Athletics Clubs, Parkruns and gyms throughout the capital.

Didn’t I tell you it was exciting?!

Needless to say this job is a really good fit for me personally, as it means I get to get out there, meet people and make things happen! If you’re interested in Fitness Rewards, just get in touch!

Still working on meeting Jess Ennis and that sausage dog tho.

Lots of love


20 thoughts on “My New Job: Fitness Rewards”

  1. Sounds awesome!! I wish you the best. Wish we had something like that here. I’ve always been slightly angered that I’m paying the same for my insurance as Henrietta Hippo Smoker!

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    1. I know right?! One of the first ways to get your points is by proving you’re a non smoker. Then there’s your BMI, blood pressure, and even evaluating how healthy your diet is (I usually hate that kind of thing, but it’s based on things like sodium intake and fruit and veg portions per day). Thankfully I got a lot of points that way!

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  2. Awesome finding a job in something you enjoy so much. That program sounds awesome…ours is so lame it’s hardly worth registering but we get a $100 or something towards our health plan. Best of luck!

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  3. congratulations on the new job. It is great to see there are benefits to taking care of yourself – I think if we did more of this kind of thing (carrot not stick) it would make a big difference to our health. Is there any link with an Insurance company in ROI? I would be very interested in something similar. Out of interest, how is your activity monitored?

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    1. Exactly- carrot not stick is such a good way to describe it. It’s been proven that ‘fat-shaming’ doesn’t work at all when getting people to take care of themselves, and I think a gentler approach to health and wellbeing is what we need! Your activity is monitored either by a smartphone app, or by your Garmin, Fitbit or Polar device- part of the reason they offer you half off 🙂


  4. congrats! that looks like a really fun job!! so funny you posted this Im looking for a job change too just havent found it yet. good luck, its a really great thing when you find a job that aligns with your life goals as well. PS—Im totally doing the Disneyland Paris Half, you should do it too!!!

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  5. Congrats, your new job sounds like a great fit! Personally I’m a bit divided in my opinion about fitness rewards and health insurances. It’s great to motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyle, but as a doctor with a chronic illness of my own I’m concerned about people who will be excluded more and more because of an pre-existing illness. Also illnesses can affect the ability to walk those 7000 steps even when a person wants to. But of course, not smoking etc is highly recommended for all 🙂

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    1. That’s actually a really interesting perspective- I might pass it on to the guys at FR. I know you can get rewarded for attending medical appointments such as mammograms and pap smears, it might be worth seeing if they would extend those kind of rewards to people with chronic illnesses.

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